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WILD Ear Cuff
Designer sterling silver earrings
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WILD Ear Cuff

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This WILD Ear cuff embodies sustainability in its design. Its prototype utilizes 3D technology to minimize wax waste and is crafted from recycled metals, such as silver sourced from electronics, x-ray films, old jewelry, and various other reclaimed materials.

Material    925 Recycled Matte Silver  Weight      1.6 g/unit

Into the Wild is the name of the collection because being Wild is living outspoken, unapologetically passionate, and unstoppable, and who doesn't want to live like that?

Ready for an ear party?  Feel free to indulge in multiple pieces and layer them without the need for any ear piercings! Pull the thinnest part of your upper ear taught and slide over the cartilage, slide down, and squeeze softly in the desired spot.

What better way to do fashion but make it slow!