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Fine jewelry made from 925 recycled silver

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I love this ring! I wear it almost everyday and I always get a lot of compliments. It is elegant and rare. As a plant enthusiast I really enjoy having a silver fern with me all the time. Pros: I don’t have to take it off to wash my hands.


I love how my outfits look when I wear these earrings. I can wear them with casual outfits or even to fancy events and they always add the perfect amount of style. Details are beautiful, easy to clean and really FUN! I LOVE THEM and I want to buy everything else from their collection.

Maria C.

In love with this piece! You can see the hard work behind every detail; great quality of the materials, perfect details of the beetles and a great experience opening the packaging. Totally worth it.

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No species were harmed in the making of these pieces