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Kiss chain
Besos Ball Chain
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Besos Ball Chain

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This recycled sterling silver Besos Ball Chain is perfect for your daily outfits! REALLY! How else can you imagine standing out from the crowd if is not with hot lip kisses? And yes, you will be empowering biodiversity, promoting environmental awareness across the world. What better way to do fashion but make it slow, sassy and spicy! 

Material    925 Recycled Silver  Weight      25.21 g/unit

In d’Francisco we know how much you care about sustainability; that’s why this chain is eco-friendly. The prototype is made with 3D technology to reduce wax waste, the piece is inspired by Colombian biodiversity and is made of fine recycled metals. And one more thing, the packaging is eco-friendly! 

Why a Kiss?

The Palicourea elata, commonly known as girlfriend kiss, is a tropical plant that ranges from Central to South American rain forests in countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, and Colombia.

Palicourea elata is part of an important group of plants in the coffee family (Rubiaceae), and it has more to offer than what the eye can see. This specie has also been shown to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and psychedelic properties. It is also used as traditional medicine among the Amazon people to treat aches, arthritis, infertility, and impotency.

Really cool, don’t you think?

We all deserve a kiss, a hot kiss, a good kiss, an everyday kiss